Ma 6 dzieci, chociaż nie skończyła 30-tki. Obcy facet napisał do niej ubliżającą wiadomość

W dzisiejszych czasach, jeśli pary decydują się na potomstwo, to przeważnie mają na myśli jedno, góra dwoje dzieci. Niektórym zatem trudno uwierzyć, że istnieją małżeństwa, które pragną mieć wielką rodzinę i dążą do swojego celu…

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Am I done? I don’t know… but what I do know is it will be up to :ME. And my husband. I thought with six little babes that feeling would have passed. That urge to hold a little person in my arms; to breastfeed, to be up all hours of the night. And now it’s different because on no sleep I have to then get up at 6am And make a space project for my six year old I’ve forgotten about. Phew; Maybe I am done. But that will be MY decision. And you can make the “over population” comments. Like my one extra child that I want to raise right and invest time on is going to make such a HUGE difference to the mass population; come on. And the “they do it for governement payements” If you knew one damn thing about raising six children with the four jobs that we have,it’s that as of next year we will receive NOTHING. And: “money does not a good person make” If you think raising children is about money, you know nothing. But it doesn’t hurt which is why we work BLOODY hard. But you know what concerns me. How much I still care what people think. I mean yes I care if my doctor thinks it’s safe. And yes I care how my husband feels. How it will effect our family unit and our children. Our beautiful grandparents. But I give power to the masses. I thought ; what would my followers think? What would our extended family think? What would our friends think? What would other doctors and midwives think? And then I stopped thinking about that. And I started thinking about all of the women who feel like it’s not there choice to think about it ? I thought about all of the women with two children or three children or seven children. That haven’t advocated for themselves. Who have thought that because someone had told them a number; a family member, a doctor or a midwife, that was the number they had to live by. I wanted to let them know that there are options. You are entitled to ask questions. To seek answers. From medical proffesionals, from family, from friends. I wanted to let them know that I am not judging them. And that I’m DONE judging myself. Continued on Facebook or on my website Krechelle Xx

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Historia młodej mamy

Krechelle Carter ma 29 lat, ale urodziła już sześcioro dzieci. Wszystkie pociechy mają mniej niż 7 lat. Australijka przekonuje, że czuje się doskonale w roli mamy. Jednak pewien mężczyzna napisał do niej niedawno przykrą wiadomość.

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Book week in this house goes a little something like this….. Opens dress up box… grabs pirate and skeleton costumes for the third time. Children fight because they both want to be a pirate. Then cry because they both find out I don’t trust them to take even a foam sword to school. (Because I’m not an idiot) Proceeds to Give children costumes; asks them to go find a book with said costume in it. Now don’t get me wrong we’re passionate about reading. Our house is filled with bookcases and books and we read on a regular basis. But if I ask my child one more time What he wants to be and he says “a mine craft”……which isn’t even a thing by the way; it’s a game. I’m Going to scream. I remember back to a simpler time when I wanted to go as Brittany Spears and I could; as long as I took the cd cover. And my favorite books at the age of eight were legitimately Sherlock Holmes and Jane Eyre but that didn’t stop me wanting to be a pop princess for the day. Because who wants to be a poor girl who’s left all alone and dresses in rags :/ No! I wanted glitter pants and blue lipstick! Yassssssss queeeeeeen!! But now it’s all “my child chose to be pipping long stockings because she’s read the book 14 times and she’s 3.” Ummm no; no she’s hasn’t Susan. You love pipping long stockings and your living vicariously through your child. And that’s fine but at least just be honest about it and stop making us feel bad that our three year olds can’t read; anything. And since when did everyone because such Mary Poppins and Martha Stewarts I literally cannot sew to save my life. Like if someone was like here fix this small hole in my pants or I’ll kill you. I’d be like “ well death it is sir, for I cannot sew” I swear there must have been a sewing class in school but I was to busy listening to Justin timberlakes “I’m bringing sexy back” while drinking passion pop. Now look I’m not saying I’m perfect (clearly ?) All I’m saying is On top of being a poor mans version of Betty Crocker for class parties and organizing day to day reading and homework and lunches that are semi nutritious and clean uniforms. I just can’t do book week. Krechelle Xx

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Współczuje jej dzieciom

„Michael Smith” (bo takie dane miał wpisane mężczyzna) skomentował miejsca intymne 29-letniej blogerki i oznajmił, że współczuje jej dzieciom. Carter postanowiła opublikować treść tej wiadomości na swoim Instagramie.

Wszystko, co robisz, jest strasznie niewiarygodne.
Twoja pochwa musi wyglądać jak wrak.
Mając tyle dzieci nie zapewnisz im normalnego życia.
Ich przyszłość zapowiada się strasznie.
Poza tym jesteś chorobliwie otyła.
Współczuję maluchom takiej matki

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Bullying. Man o’ man ; It has to stop. I just want to make one thing very CLEAR- no form of bullying should be tolerated. This message came through my PM. And You ,Mr Smith, are not my friend; People are loosing their lives. We’re actually loosing people because of this. So When does it stop, Mike ? Can I call you Mike? I mean you just straight up started talking about my vagina openly so I feel like I can call you Mike. My vagina is perfectly intact btw because csections “Hola” (even if I had of had them out my hooo hah it would be even more the beautifuler for it) I’ve had six babies cut out of my stomach while I was awake- I’m straight up baller. Secondly My children are perfectly fine – we eat broccoli and have craft supplies somewhere and we let them run around enough and cut bed time stories in half like all good parents do. We’re just your average fucking family Mike. We free range parent- Except for when we lock them up at night (gotta rest at some point) and don’t want the foxes to get them. We have choir charts that haven’t Been filled out in weeks…. We’ve missed two of the last six swimming lessons But gosh; my kids- they are the best thing I ever did with my life. They are the only thing I wouldn’t change. They are loved and special. They would feel sorry for you Mike. Because I feel sorry for you. Thirdly As for my obesity. Yep it’s true I’m obese, have been up and down my whole adult life. Give me six months to recover from all this bullshit and we’ll race. I’m not sharing thisfor sympathy or more assault. I share this because there are people that need to see it’s happening everywhere. It’s not just you. You are not alone. You hear me? I did hit the trifecta; Gorgeous adoring husband, beautiful, healthy children and family & friends that spread for miles. To receive this malicious message while on bed rest after surgery. Shame on you Mike. Shame on you. I said it last night and I’ll say it again “It just takes one wrong word, at the wrong time; to the wrong person .” Are you really willing to be that trigger? Now go get a new profile pic and stage name. Grey and white is so last season. Krechelle xx

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Publiczna odpowiedź

Kobieta postanowiła odpowiedzieć hejterowi, bo nie zgadza się na takie akty przemocy. Zrobiła to jednak publicznie.

Przemoc. To naprawdę musi się skończyć. Chcę dać wszystkim do zrozumienia, że żadna forma agresji nie będzie przeze mnie tolerowana. Niektórzy tracą sporo czasu na nienawiść. Ale co będzie następne? Czy kiedyś się zatrzymasz?

Nie rodziła naturalnie

Młoda mama wyznała również, że wszystkie jej pociechy przyszły na świat poprzez tzw. „cesarkę”.

Od razu zacząłeś komentować moją waginę. A jeśli chcesz wiedzieć, to ma się całkiem nieźle, bo wszystkie dzieci urodziłam poprzez cesarskie cięcie (gdyby wyszły przez moje krocze, to byłaby jeszcze piękniejsza). Wyciągnięto mi z brzucha 6 maluchów, więc naprawdę już nic mnie nie ruszy

Normalna rodzina

Krechelle próbowała przekonać hejtującego mężczyznę, że jej rodzina jest zwyczajna.

Dzieci mają się naprawdę dobrze. Jemy razem brokuły i dobrze się bawimy. Czasami zmuszam je do spania, jak każdy dobry rodzic. Jesteśmy cholernie normalną rodziną

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Some days are just hectic. Yesterday nothing went to plan, we couldn’t get out the door. Everyone needed to go to the toilet, I left our money at home, they were hungry, they were full, they were bored, they touched everything. They got in peoples way. Then they had melt downs, and then they had to go to the toilet again and we still had gotten nothing done. I literally felt like we were loosing our minds and that we looked like the worst people ever growling at our children every ten seconds ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ but at the end of the day I look back at this picture and all I remember is everyone giggling while I tried to take a picture and a beautiful old soul telling us how brave we were. Life is good. Tantrums,toilet trips and all. Krechelle Xx #mumlife #mommyblogger #kindness #blogging #largefamilylife #instamom #motherhoodrising #adelaide #farmhousedecor #family #mummy #fitness #homeworkout #renovations #mumssupportingmums #blogger #mumblog #reallife #adelaideblogger #boweldisease #farmhouse #autoimmune #weightlosstransformation #shoppingwithkids #homeworkout

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Ma problemy, jak każdy inny rodzic

Wraz z mężem dają dzieciom sporo swobody. Zdarza się jednak, że z czymś się nie wyrabiają, ale dzieci to najlepsze, co mogło ich spotkać w życiu.

Dajemy naszym pociechom sporo wolności. Poza tym, że zamykamy je w domu na noc, ale każdy musi kiedyś odpocząć. Nie chcemy też, by zjadły je lisy. Bywa i tak, że nie wyrabiamy się czasowo. Przegapiliśmy dwie ostatnie lekcje pływania. Ale, na litość Boską, dzieci to najlepsze, co przytrafiło mi się w życiu. Żadnego z nich bym nie zmieniła. Kocham je!

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I am blown away by the love and support we’ve received over the last week. From family, friends, fellow bloggers, to my wonderful followers; to strangers in our community….. Dave and I have been offered so much support. Im at a loss for words; thank you isn’t enough; but it’s all I have. That and the fact that I’ll spend everyday that I’m healthy doing the best by all of you by making my good days worth something. Health issues are tricky. And not everyone likes talking about it. But I couldn’t think of a better way to use my platform to make other people going through what I’m going through or similar feel less alone or to go get that test you’ve been thinking about or look into something that hasn’t felt quite right for you. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on searching for answers. I was faced with a huge blow and a lump in my throat two weeks ago. We had to face it; There was no more ignoring it. My health problems wouldn’t be temporary; They weren’t going to be an easy fix and my problems are not ones that are common so the information on them is hard to process and even harder to find. My wonderful body; Thats given birth to my six beautiful children is having a bit of a rough time and she needs my help. We are facing loads of tough choices and conversations. We’re facing lots of ups and downs. And I’m getting a lot of messages telling me I’m brave and strong. But the truth is, I’m also scared; But I’m choosing to live everyday in the best way I know how; surrounded with my beautiful babes with a smile on my face. Dave and I have both agreed we will deal with things as they come. Like waves crashing over us. The rest of the time we’re going to have fun swimming about. I don’t want to miss a thing. We’re going to try not to spend our energy worrying about which bad thing will come next; that’s out of control. We’ll do what’s necessary when it comes. We’ll get through it when it comes. I don’t want to waste any of my life. I just want to live it. I’ll let you all know more when I have my surgical consult this week; I kind of feel like your all in this with us; and that means more than you know! Krechelle Xx

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Pracuje nad swoją wagą

Carter nie obraziła się na słowa „Smitha”, który wypominał jej nadwagę. Jest świadoma swojej sylwetki i jak napisała:

To prawda, że jestem otyła. Jestem od kiedy pamiętam, ale daj mi kilka miesięcy i spróbuję się z tym uporać

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Okay guys. So we have an upcoming Queensland trip and I bought a size 12 bathing suite which does not fit me yet! As you can see ….. in the photo on the right…. I cannot put the straps up ?? But it will fit me ???? So I took these before shots!! And It can’t be any harder than that first step I took right! Those first photos I put up. Sheesh those were hard to face! 25 kilos down and ready to loose this extra bit!! Don’t forget to take photos people! They’ve urged me on when I felt I had nothing left to give! For those of you who helped today with my job interview; THANK YOU!! I felt confident going into it andddd I’m pretty sure I got the job…. but time will Tell. ???? I feel sad about Emmy doing three days at child care, it’s scary for me; I didn’t even start feeling this way until I thought I got the job. I’ve always been able to be home With the kids full time. Which I get was totally a luxury with a lot of help from Dave and our beautiful families! I haven’t been back to work full time in seven years! And I’m scared. How did everyone transition going back into full time work force? Any coping mechanisms ; throw them at me! I’m feeling really positive about my future, I would lie if I didn’t say I’m scared of the uncertainty of if we can handle it all. Can we both work and have two kids in school, two kids in Kindy and two kids in childcare. But that’s what I’m here for; to share with you guys the real ups and downs. I think it’s all about focusing at taking one step at a time, one day at a time; just putting one foot in front of the other and to just keep moving in that positive direction. I’m feeling positive. I’d love to take a glimpse three months from now and see what it looks like but I’ll just have to wait and enjoy the now ! Can’t forget to enjoy the process; it’s all apart of the makings of something wonderful 🙂 Krechelle Xx #mumlife #mommyblogger #adelaideloves #blogging #largefamilylife #instamom #motherhoodrising #momlife #healthymum #family #mummy #fitness #homeworkout #tattooedgirls #mumssupportingmums #blogger #mumblog #reallife #adelaideblogger #farmhousedecor #healthylife #weightloss

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To nie był jedyny hejt

Wyznała również, że mężczyzna nie jest jedyną osobą, która ją atakuje w Internecie. Pisze o tym wszystkim, ponieważ chce, aby ludzie zaczęli zdawać sobie sprawę z tego, co się dzieje.

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Its not always perfect. Life has its ups and downs. I'll take the small wins these days. Like this photo that was taken when we went for breakfast on my birthday. These kids. My family. They are my life. Look at all those little faces! I went to see the new movie Instant Family the other day and it made me appreciate my family that little bit more! I really did love this movie so so much.I've had so many messages from you guys saying you’ve loved it too! And that makes me happy! I've had messages from foster parents that have brought me to tears. They love the message this movie spreads and so do I. It's out NOW in cinemas. Do yourself a favor and check it out. #InstantFamily #Sp #Birthday #NewMovie #smallwins

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Mogło dojść do tragedii

29-letnia mama zapewnia, że ma cudowną rodzinę i wspierającego partnera. Jednak takie gorzkie słowa, które napisał do niej hejter, mogły wyrządzić sporo krzywdy…

Mam kochającego męża, piękne i zdrowe dzieci oraz rodzinę i przyjaciół, którzy skoczą za mną w ogień. Otrzymałam twoją wiadomość odpoczywając po operacji. Wstydź się. Powtórzę to, co już kiedyś pisałam: wystarczy jedno nieodpowiednie słowo, w nieodpowiednim czasie, wypowiedziane w kierunku nieodpowiedniej osoby

Czy naprawdę chcesz doprowadzić do tragedii?

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I don’t feel much like a warrior today. Today I feel a little bit like someone who is too weak to take on life. Like my “good enough” has changed for good. I keep trying to get better and I do everything everyone tells me and I listen to my doctors and I measure our measurements and track my tablets to the minute and then you see something happens and everyone just says “well we couldn’t of seen that coming” And I just want to scream! You see; I’m meant to be the “hold it all togetherer” . I have been ever since I was alot younger. I love that job. I love the list checking and the house hold looking aftering , the goal getting and the trying hard ; And yet here I am struggling to hold it all together. My body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to and no matter how hard I try I’m not fixing it. But maybe I’m not being grateful for what it is achieving;?Literally living breathing and carrying me around this earth. Maybe some days that’s enough; that’s worth being grateful for. I feel like something is wrong post surgery so I will get it checked out first thing when my docs back, I hope I’m wrong; but I know my body now. She’s difficult and doesn’t follow a rule book. I’m learning to accept that but just once it would be nice if she could keep her chin up and walk in a straight line- but I guess where is the fun in that? I believe in intuition and going with my gut literally. My stomach has been misbehaving so back in to get that checked, as soon as we sort out the puff face mecgee problem. And we will work out how to live our lives with however this body of mine wants to do things. But today I’m a little sad, I’m a little defeated. Today it feels like maybe the waves won’t stop crashing on me. Maybe I won’t ever get a chance to catch my breath again or even better to ride the wave; to be the one back in control. And I just wanted to share it. Out loud With 50,000 of my closest friends. That today feels a little sucky. Now it’s time to try and get some sleep. And some relief. Maybe tomorrow the swell will have gone down a little or maybe I’ll have some extra strength to get through the next few waves. Krechelle Xx

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Szczęście w nieszczęściu

Tym razem wiadomość pełna nienawiści i krytyki, trafiła do pewnej siebie kobiety. Strach pomyśleć, co stałoby się, gdyby dotarła ona do osoby, która np. ma depresję albo jakieś załamanie…

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Take me back to this day where my smile was full of spirit. Take me back to before the last two years has changed me and taken me of merit. Before I was told that from the burden of these chains I’d never break free. Take me back to before I knew that my life would be different forever, I would not ever again just be me. Another doctor, another scan, another upsetting diagnosis. Take me back to before chronic illness took me for its prisoner. Another poke, another jab; a nurses face so kind. I tell her needles don’t bother me but it’s like she sees what’s inside. Pain control, patched up holes but never a definitive answer. Diseases with no cures Diseases with no rules Without discrimination. They pick on me whenever they like without any warning. A birthday missed, one less kiss; a mother that’s in mourning. Another ambulance, another hospital. Another night alone. I never thought that any of this could happen to me. I want to hide away; look down to the ground; I don’t want to be asked anymore questions. Problems that will not resolve, technology not yet evolved and so it is and I wait another day for another test and answer. Another week. Another month; my bed my worst enemy and also my savior. Friends I’ve lost or just misplaced , opportunities I’ve missed; sometimes it feels like everything is slipping. So down I go, following along the new path that is my own, fumbling and tripping. People changing, moving on; planning for the future. All I want is one small plan something I could finish. But I’m too scared to let me down and everyone around me too. So instead I sit and wait it out. I miss that smile. Im not the same as I was before. Take me back. Take me back. Krechelle Xx

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Słowa mają moc. Nie zapominajmy o tym

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